Commission for The Sunday Times magazine about the difference between the stereotypical Viking and what they really might have looked like. In collaboration with The British Museum. 

Here is something I did in support of Skull & Heart’s kickstarter campaign. “Bowerbird’s Gatherings” is a limited edition screenprinted t-shirt that you can get your hands on if you back their kickstarter campaign here. It’s something I think is really worth your money as they’re focused on bringing a bigger screen printing scene to the UK and shining a light on some really great talents. Pencils and thumbnail doodle included here.

Something from a series I’ve been working on in me free time about Brighton and the folks who live here, more soon.

I was asked to do another cover for New Scientist this week about the night time. We decided to go with a special fold out cover for the issue. Here are some photos and a little glimpse into the process with pencil sketch, followed by inks and then the final product.

New Scientist are also offering the opportunity to win an original print of the piece signed by my good self here